Being AI.
Building the future. Together.

Being AI isn’t just another company—it’s an ecosystem where cutting-edge ideas take root, flourish, and transform industries. To us, AI isn’t just an over-hyped buzzword, it’s a powerful tool for people and the businesses they work in to leapfrog into the digital age. That’s the future we’re dedicated to building.

Being Consultants

Our digital transformation warriors help businesses source, integrate, and unlock the potential of AI. They’re not just consultants who write reports and repackage recent reading, they’re experienced business and technology practitioners who partner you on your AI journey.

Being Consultants are all about practical solutions. They assess your business, craft a tailored AI strategy, and implement it alongside you. They’ll help you automate tasks, make smarter decisions, and create groundbreaking customer experiences—all to propel you ahead of the curve.

Being Ventures

This is where we put our money where our mouth is and invest in promising AI startups and heritage industries ripe for AI and EAT driven makeovers.

Our transformation architects identify promising startups in AI, Web3, and cutting-edge technologies. They also take heritage businesses like Send Global (logistics) and AGE School (education) and breathe new life into them through the magic of AI. These become living testaments to the power of Being AI's ecosystem.

Being Labs

Being Labs is our innovation engine room, where our scientists and engineers develop cutting-edge AI solutions that not only benefit Being AI, but give our clients and investments a vital competitive edge.

Greater than any single part of our business model is the ecosystem it enables.

Identification of AI-relevant challenges and opportunities. Inventing the future.
And investing to change the game.

This collaborative approach allows us to:

Create holistic solutions

From strategic advice to cutting-edge AI to real-world implementation, Being AI 
can help people thrive in the AI era.

Reduce risk, maximise results

Leveraging resources, skills and perspectives across innovation, capital, and 
support simply lowers our risk profile.

Better understand the future

Being AI isn't just a company, it's an ecosystem built for this transitional time 
in human history.

Are you ready?

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