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Investing in the inevitable future.

Sometimes AI investment strategies appear to focus on the new, what might become possible that was previously impossible—autonomous flying cars, AI-enabled humanoids, or autonomous asteroid mining.

At Being Ventures we prefer to imagine a world where AI investment improves everyday human lives—where doctors use AI to diagnose illness with pinpoint accuracy, farmers leverage AI-powered robots to optimise crop yields, and factories personalise mass-manufactured designs.

These applications represent an imminent AI-enabled future. Lucrative investment opportunities in established, often overlooked, traditional industries. Traditional industries ripe for AI disruption.

Legacy companies boast established customer bases, brand recognition, and robust infrastructure—the perfect foundation for an AI makeover. By strategically investing in these soon-to-be-transformed sectors, we can unlock exponential growth. The bigger the AI shakeup, the more value we can create.

The education sector is a prime example of a traditional industry on the precipice of an AI revolution. From schools to universities and online learning platforms, AI is poised to transform the way we learn:

Personalised learning

AI tutors can tailor lessons to individual student needs, addressing learning gaps and accelerating progress.

Automated grading and feedback

AI can streamline grading, freeing up educators to focus on personalised support.

Immersive learning experiences

VR and AR powered by AI can create interactive simulations, making learning engaging and effective.

Globalised education

Language translation AI can break down language barriers, opening doors to international collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Beyond integration of AI into an existing operation, a portfolio of acquisitions across an industry can generate a powerful network effect. Interconnected ecosystems not only enhance experiences in each individual company, but generate valuable data and refine AI models across all investee companies within that industry, creating exponential cycles of improvement.

This is the future of Being Ventures—not just identifying imminent disruption, actively shaping it, and amplifying it. Investing in traditional industries like education, innovating, and building interconnected portfolios where overlapping AI transformations generate extraordinary return.

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With the incredible advancements in language and multimodal AI models, the inevitability of better education with AI is imminent.

Here’s where we start our investments in education.

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A school founded on the principle of embracing technology.

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